StnDrd Infusion Pump Features: From Multiple Pumps to One StnDrd Pump

Infusion Pumps - The Old way OR StnDrd Infusion Pump - The Only Standard in Infusion Pumps
  • Capable of performing the product requirements currently met by syringe, cassette, and ambulatory pump configurations.
  • Employs a patented valve system that enables the device to deliver from one to four drugs sequentially, intermittently, or simultaneously.
  • Employs a proprietary drive system with a dynamic volumetric delivery range from 0.1 – 1000 ml/ hr @ +/-5% accuracy.
  • Capable of delivering fluids from liter bags, mini-bags, or 5cc to 60cc syringes.
  • The most reliable free-flow protection of any pump on the market.
  • Programmable by the color touch screen or by internal bar code reader.
  • Internal drug library as well as user configurable library. 
  • Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket and weighs less than 2 ½ pounds.
  • Intuitive tube set interface, allowing verification of proper installation and use.
  • Employs a pressure transducer to determine proximal and distal occlusions.
  • Air in line sensor with user configurable limits.
  • Capable of running on battery power for up to seven days or delivery of three liters of fluid.


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StnDrd Infusion Pump - In-use on Pole StnDrd Infusion Pump - This is a Model to Show Relative Scale StnDrd Infusion Pump - Back View