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1. Infusion Pumps: Preventing Future Adverse Events
The Joint Commission
Mishaps involving the use of infusion pumps have led to deaths and near-fatal drug overdoses in health care organizations nationwide.
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2. Pump Away High-Risk Infusion Errors
Lippincott’s Nursing Center
Manual programming errors cause two of three infusion pump–related deaths in hospitals each year.
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3. Medication Error Reduction
B. Braun HealthNet
Recent media attention has identified the reduction in nursing staff and inadequate training in healthcare facilities throughout the United States as a significant contributor to the medical mistakes that claim thousands of lives each year.
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4. Insights From the Sharp End of Intravenous Medication Errors: Implications for Infusion Pump Technology
Quality and Safety in Healthcare
Medication errors associated with IV pumps occur frequently, have the potential to cause harm, and are epidemiologically diverse.
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5. Assured Secondary Line Infusion IV Pumps and Safety Software
MEDEC – Canada’s Medical Device Technology Companies 
Most errors in delivery of IV medications occur at the patient’s bedside through incorrect administration. 
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6. DOTmed Industry Sector Report: Infusion Pumps
DOTmed News
Manual administration of medication can be impractical, expensive and sometimes unreliable due to human error.
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7. DHB NZ Safe & Quality Use of Medicines Group Position Statement on Intravenous Infusion Practices November 2009
A review on minimalizing the clinical risk associated with the preparation and administration of IV medicines.
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8.  Improving Infusion Pump Safety: An Analysis of Aggregated Evaluation Results
Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, Royal United Hospital, Bath Evaluations to identify common usability problems with infusion pumps.
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9.  Top 13 Priorities for Infusion Pump Safety Named
The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation today released the 13 top priorities for infusion device safety as identified by attendees at the AAMI-FDA Infusion Device Summit, held Oct. 5-6 at FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. The top issues, which will be addressed in an upcoming action plan, are: [Click for PDF of Article]

10.  Medical Device Market Poised for Big Growth
Regardless of economic conditions, there is always a need for health care and medical products. The medical device market includes hundreds of products across a variety of technologies.

There are several reasons why you should explore the investment opportunities in the medical device sector. The aging baby boom generation is a tidal wave that will place greater demands on our health care system. Innovation in health care, targeted at these boomers, will drive the health care industry in the coming decades. America is not alone: Europe, China, India and Japan also have aging populations. The lifestyle of the boomers worldwide will create demand and opportunities. [Click for PDF of Article]

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