Executive Summary:

The StnDrd Infusion Pump will participate in the coming healthcare changes by dramatically lowering hospitals’ cost of drug infusion while greatly improving patient safety.  For the first time StnDrd Infusion’s patented technology will allow hospitals to consolidate multiple types of infusion pumps into a single pump. Standardization of infusion equipment improves patient safety, increases operator efficiency, reduces operator error, and reduces hospital infusion costs.

This standardization reduces total device inventory and lowers disposable tube set costs. The associated reductions in training and calibration requirements save money, but more importantly, pump standardization reduces drug infusion errors, which continue to be reported as a major problem in hospitals. In addition to the possible loss of human life or permanent injury and the associated litigation, patient treatment costs from these errors are estimated at $5.6 billion annually in the U.S.  (pg. 17 of Buyers’ Guide: Dose Error Reduction Systems for Infusion Pumps, September 2008)

A typical hospital currently operates five to ten types of pumps to meet its needs. The time involved in operator training, equipment setup, maintenance, and equipment validation are all greatly reduced by using a single device. For personnel to train on a single device versus several not only improves the scheduling flexibility of the nurses and operators, but also increases patient safety.

In addition to the marketing potential for the StnDrd Infusion Pump’s unique advantages, the overall infusion pump market forecast is strong. According to DOTmed (09/09), “There will always be a need for fluid administration in patient care (due to chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, neurological conditions, etc.), so the future development of new innovations for infusion and intravenous pumps appears to be a healthy one.”  And also, “… it's not surprising that the success of business in this sector will continue to grow.”  Recently the Global Industry Analysts (GIA) announced that the infusion pump market is projected to reach $6.8 billion by 2015. [6]

The safety features and four-channel ability are a huge advantage over other pumps, and that design has U.S. patents and international submissions. In addition, since the pumps currently in use do not allow the hospital to standardize, the cost savings of the StnDrd Infusion Pump is unique, making it difficult for other companies to compete. The patented StnDrd Infusion Pump also provides the most reliable free-flow safety protection available.  

StnDrd Infusion Pump