StnDrd Infusion - The Only Standard in Infusion Pumps

StnDrd Infusion Inc. is an early-stage medical device company that will participate in the projected $6.8B drug infusion market by dramatically lowering a hospital’s cost of drug infusion, as well as by greatly improving patient safety.

  • In the interest of patient safety, the DHB NZ Safe & Quality Use of Medicines Group recommends standardizing and limiting the range of infusion devices, taking into consideration specialist areas of practice. Furthermore, they recommend that general infusion pumps be limited to two or less to maximize competence with their use, and the same with syringe and PCA pumps. [7]
  • Medication errors resulting in ADEs increase the length of a hospital stay by an average of 4.6 days at a cost of $4,700 per admission, excluding the cost of treatment and potential liability. [2]
  • For the first time, StnDrd Infusion’s patented technology will allow hospitals to consolidate the multiple types of infusion pumps used throughout their organization into a single type of device. 
  • This standardization reduces hospital costs by improved operator familiarity resulting in fewer ADEs (from incorrectly programming the pumps and improperly using the equipment [2]), and reduced equipment and tube set inventory.
StnDrd Infusion is currently searching for a financial partner to assist in implementing the design and supporting the business.  Please contact us for more information.

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Investment and Return

The StnDrd Infusion team expects that after the initial round of investment, the development plan will be completed and initial sales achieved in a 15-month development cycle. Based on conservative projections of the pump capturing a 0.6% market share, gross sales are expected to exceed $20M in Year 5, with pre-tax earnings in excess of $8M.

Infusion Pump Market

Manual administration of medication can be impractical, expensive and sometimes unreliable due to human error. There will always be a need for fluid administration in patient care (due to emergency and chronic conditions such as cancer and diabetes), The future development of new innovations for infusion and intravenous pumps appears to be a healthy one. Recently the Global Industry Analysts (GIA) announced that the infusion pump market is projected to reach $6.8 billion by 2015. [6]

Patient Benefits

Infusion pumps are now an indispensable tool in modern healthcare, but their complex design has been recognized as a risk factor for administration errors. The scale of the problem is troubling: medication errors cause injury or death to 1-2% of patients admitted to hospitals in the US, and the incidence is probably similar in the UK (7 Williams, 2007). The multiplicity of pumps and their unique tubing sets adds a level of risk that pump standardization can reduce. Common programming and common tube sets, along with the latest drug library, reduce patient risk. In addition, the tube set has the most assured free-flow protection in the industry.

Cost Savings for Medical Facilities

A typical hospital currently operates five to ten types of pumps to meet its needs. Operator training, equipment setup, maintenance, and equipment validation are all greatly reduced by using a single device.

    • The StnDrd pump could automate the current common piggyback drug delivery practice. This piggyback drug delivery requires considerable operator involvement and has safety concerns.
    • A single StnDrd tube set can replace four individual tube sets for multi-drug setups. This standardization offers the ability to use the lowest priced tube set and eliminates the need to inventory multiple tubing sets.
    • Personnel training on a single device improves the flexibility of the nurses and/or operators, and also increases patient safety.

StnDrd Pump Details

    • Capable of performing the product requirements currently met by syringe, cassette, and ambulatory pump configurations.
    • Employs a patented valve system that enables the device to deliver from one to four drugs sequentially, intermittently, or simultaneously.
    • Internal drug library as well as user-configurable library.
    • The most reliable free-flow protection of any pump on the market.
Click here for complete specifications.

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